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MEN TO MEN c/ Trajano, 38 41002 Sevilla Spain -- E-Mail -- Facebook -- www

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Back in 2002, we achieved the impossible: to put Seville in the international circuit of the gay masculine scene. Today, “Men To Men” is the core venue for blokes looking for manly company. But watch out! This is not the typical dark nightclub or bear bar that made you feel uncomfortable in the past. “Men To Men” is a very different experience, maybe because of its ample room space in two floors, its spectacular lighting, its dancefloor with DJ, its meetings, parties, raffles, shows… The truth is “Men To Men” is today a community, 100% masculine but also open and varied: young and mature, locals and visitors, bears and next-door pals. Moreover, if you are looking for something more “intense”, the top floor offers you videos, cabins and a rather popular dark room.

Opening hours: from 10.30 PM till late night. The atmosphere is relaxing till midnight, and very lively from one to three.                                               See location

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Si necesitas algo más económico te recomendamos HOTEL BACO

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MEN TO MEN c/ Trajano, 38 41002 Sevilla Spain -- ○E-Mail -- Facebook -- ○www

GuadalkiBear ConBeargence 2013  International Meeting (31 Oct. - 3 Nov.)   Seville  South Of Spain
☆ River Cruise & Party on a Private Boat!!!  

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